Yeah, me too!

Derp was asleep and he had a really beautiful dream. He was seeing Derpina in his dream, and as you can expect, he was kissing his girlfriend. And while he was watching this dream, he was really really happy as it had been long time since Derpina stayed away from him due to his dumbness. However, Derp's happiness came to an instant end as soon as he realized that it was not Derpina kissing him, it was actually Derp's pet dog. 

...And it was the awkwardest moment for both Derp and the dog. 

Kissing in Dream

It was cold and derp had to take bath, but there was not hot water. So Derp came up with an amazingly new idea. He took a large tub, boiled the water using woods and jumped in it. Honestly speaking, one such bath and Derp will never do this again!

*Do not try this at home, unless you are super-dumb,in which case we are not responsible, as we have already warned you not to.

How to Take Bath without Hot Water?

Derp has been forever alone, and he had lost all his hopes of finding a date ever. However, then one day she met this amazing girl online and he thought his girl would be really amazing and he would finally be able to have a girlfriend like others, but to his badluck when he went for his first blind date, the girl was so ugly, it scared him off and since then Derp is living "Forever Alone"!

Derp Found an Online Date But!

Homework is every child's nightmare, same was the case with derp, however as Derp grew older, he finally got hold over it, and found an easy solution for all his homeworks. The solution was pretty simple as you all can guess. Yes, he stopped doing homework at all, Ta da.... Problem solved!

How to Get Rid of Homework?
Although Justin Beiber recenly came on the Ellen Show to surprise her on her birthday, and actually acted very sane which is very unlikely of him and later in a video he apologized to everyone for his behavior. However, it has long been said that Justin Beiber is actually a girl, and a lot of memes about Justin Beiber are in circulation. Here is one classic example of Justin Beiber Memes.

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Justin Beiber Meme - Topless on Beach

Watch what this amazing artist did to the dead flies. With a slight touch of a pencil, he made the dead flies looks like they are real and are actually racing, riding horse, peeing and resting. Now this is really an amazing piece of art. Although it is a bit disgusting for some people and may annoy some people, and perhaps it is the reason why we are posting this image here! ;)

Dead Flies Art

Derp was surfing internet, and it was dinner time, his mom called him downstairs and he said that he'll be right there, but before he could even get up, he was scared by the sudden and loud shouting of his mom asking him "Y U NO COME EAT YET"? It made derp jump off his seat in panic.

Mom Calling Derp for Dinner

Having an impulsive GF can really be bad for you. In one practical example, check what happened, when a boy tried to scare his GF with a half-statement and see what he got in return, an admission to cheating with his best friends. Well folks, life can be interesting. Its better to avoid an impulsive GF, and if you already have one, try not to scare her!

Summer is always painful for guys, specially on  beaches. When there are bikini-clad girls roaming around and yet boys are not allowed to look at them or otherwise they'll be considered a perverts. However, Me Gusta came with an amazing solution. He took the sunglasses and went to beach. As you might be thinking, he didn't wear sunglasses for sun, he wore them so no would know who and where he is looking. 

Me Gusta is surely getting wiser!

Me Gusta wore Beach Sunglasses